TrustAsia CT Log

CT (Certificate Transparency) has currently developed into a very important part of the safety ecology of CA-related industries. TrustAsia are also actively involved in the construction of the community and will contribute our strength to the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry.

After preliminary exploration and trial operation, we have accumulated a lot of valuable operation experience. The CT Log we currently operate has passed Google’s operational monitoring audit and will be built into the future release of Chrome.

Our log uses Google’s Trillian software running on the AWS infrastructure, and has made a high-availability design based on community experience.

Operating the CT Log service will be a long-term public welfare investment, and our operation team will also try its best to provide a stable CT Log service that conforms to community norms.The CT Logs that have currently been provided for external services are as follows, and we will add new CT Logs in time for continued operations.

We’d like to thank Google, Cloudflare, DigiCert, Sectigo and Let's Encrypt for also running open logs, and we look forward to contributing to better transparency in Web security!

TrustAsia CT Log Operations Team